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workwisewords is a Canberra-based business offering quality editing and professional writing services to the academic, business, government and author/publishing sectors. workwisewords can help ensure your writing is free from error, fit for purpose and resonates with your audience.

The term ‘workwisewords’ refers to the Australian business workwisewords, a trading name of MASH Creative Services Pty Ltd as trustee for the Sidebotham Family Trust (ABN 90 147 809 277).

By requesting editing or writing services from workwisewords services, you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions, together with workwisewords Privacy Policy, govern the relationship between the client and workwisewords.

Definition of Services

‘Services’ may include (as agreed in writing by workwisewords and the client) editing services as encompassed within the Australian Standards for Editing Practice; indexing services; file formatting and print preparation; and content development, rewriting, or ghost-writing.

‘Thesis editing’ and any other services related to work prepared for academic grading in furtherance of an educational qualification refers to editing services as encompassed within the Australian Standards for Editing Practice, subject to requirements and limitations imposed by the Institute for Professional Editing’s Guidelines for Editing Research Theses and by relevant university or institutional policies and guidelines.

Quotations for editing include within the price additional or ‘follow-up’ editing where further minor corrections are identified by workwisewords or by the client; and for minor rewrites defined as revised drafts in which (a) not more than ten per cent of the word count has been rewritten, and (b) not more than ten per cent of the word count has been altered through restructuring, and (c) additional material does not increase the original word count by more than five per cent, and (d) all changes are clearly identified by the client though the use of Track Changes, highlighting or other means.


All prices quoted on the website are in Australian dollars and are based on the word count of the document submitted for services. Where a quote is provided prior to finalisation of the word count it shall be based on an estimated or indicative word count provided by the client. Where the final document exceeds the estimated word count an invoice for payment of the difference may be issued and is payable before return of the document. However, no additional fees will be charged without prior notice in writing to, and consent in writing from, the client.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, services will not commence until full or partial payment has been made by the client. Payment by private individuals may be paid (a) in full prior to the commencement of services, or (b) in part as agreed in writing prior to the commencement of services with the balance payable prior to return of any edited material. Payment by business and institutions will be invoiced in full and payable in accordance with the payment policies of those business and institutions.

Invoices will identify acceptable methods of payment and these are available without restriction to any client. Current methods of payment include direct deposit, BPay, PayPal and Stripe (credit card).

Cancellation and Refunds

Notice of intention to cancel a previously accepted quotation can be provided by the client at any time prior to payment by sending notice in writing (including email or text message), or by other means subject to confirmation in writing.

Once payment in full or part has been received by workwisewords, the client is deemed to have confirmed that work is to commence and work may commence at any time thereafter. The client may cancel the services requested at any time by sending notice in writing (including email or text message), or by other means subject to confirmation in writing.

Any amounts paid will be refunded in full where services have not commenced. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, where work has already commenced a full refund will be provided within five business days only where fewer than 1000 words have been edited. A partial refund will be provided within five business days on a pro rata basis for work not completed.

Right of refusal

workwisewords retains the right to refuse at its sole discretion to provide services in respect of work that workwisewords (a) reasonably believes to be plagiarised or (b) reasonably believes to contravene the law, or (c) finds to be offensive or objectionable. If any sections in a document are determined to have been plagiarised, those sections will not be edited and no pro rata refund will be given.

Limitation of liability

workwisewords does not warrant that the services will be delivered 100% free of error and will work with the client to minimise and rectify any errors.  

workwisewords does not warrant that the services will result in or achieve (a) improved or passing grades, (b) acceptance for publication, or (c) acceptance of a research or grant proposal. 

To the maximum extent permitted by law, workwisewords’ liability to the client is limited to resupply of the services.

To the maximum extent permitted by law workwisewords (a) excludes all conditions, warranties, guarantees or representations (expressed or implied) in relation to the services; and (b) is not responsible to the client or to any other person for any loss (including consequential loss), damage or injury, caused by, resulting from or in any way connected with the services, including due to  workwisewords’ negligence, breach of contract, breach of any law, in equity, or under any indemnity.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the maximum amount recoverable by the client from workwisewords under or in connection with the services is limited to the fees paid by the client to workwisewords.


All copyright in material submitted for services (including content development) to workwisewords remain vested in the author or other copyright holder.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the originality of all material submitted to workwisewords.


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