Government + Corporate

With extensive professional editing and publishing experience in both the public and private sectors, workwisewords provides accredited editing and drafting services tailored to the needs of government, business and not-for-profits and NGOs.  In partnership with our graphic design workwisewords can manage  your projects and edit, print manage and publish documents that comply with all style requirements, Plain English/Easy English guidelines and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards for Word, PDF and html.

“The language of well-written documents helps to communicate information effectively. Language is also the means by which writers create the tone or register of a publication and establish relationships with their readers. For these relationships to be productive, the language the writer uses must take full account of the diversity of knowledge, interests and sensitivities within the audience.” [Style manual for authors, editors and printers, Sixth edition (2002): 37.]

For annual reports, research reports, review and committee findings and most other needs we can provide professional, print-ready files and/or structured, accessible, web-ready documents across the full range of web-accessible formats. And we can combine editing, drafting and design services as needed to develop professionally presented promotional material, infographics, dashboards and e-learning content.

  • research reports
  • annual reports
  • conference papers
  • policies and procedures manuals
  • marketing material
  • events posters
  • submissions to government
  • marketing material
  • website content
  • reports for non-government organisations
  • advertising copy
  • research papers
  • business correspondence
  • job applications
  • resumes and CVs
  • conference reports


Over more than twenty years working with state and federal governments and the private sector we have overseen production of annual reports, drafted strategic and corporate planning documents, managed communications strategies, prepared agency style guides and taught effective communication to government clients. From planning, drafting and editing to indexing, print managmeent and publishing, we provide high quality, cost effective services.

Confidentiality and Security

workwisewords regularly undertakes work involving commercial-in-confidence information, protected intellectual property and draft documents at stages not intended for public release. Our editor has a baseline security clearance and we have procedures in place for secure offline storage of information and can work through our own password-protected platform or through the client’s own file-sharing platform where preferred. Where documents are not confidential, all client information and work is still protected under our privacy guidelines.

workwisewords provides:

Personalised expert editing from a qualified and accredited editor.

Professional editorial support that meets national industry standards and accessibility requirements.

Over 20 years’ experience writing, editing and providing communications training in the public and private sector.

Clear costs based on word count and a range of payment methods.

Confidentiality and security, with secure offline storage and options for password-protected file sharing.