Accredited Editor (Institute of Professional Editors)

Certified Life Sciences Editor (Board of Editing in the Life Sciences)

Professional Member, Council of Science Editors

Professional Member, Australasian Medical Writers Association

Professional Member, Australian Society for Technical Communication

workwisewords is a Canberra-based company providing accredited and certified editing, proofreading and writing services. Established in 2014, workwisewords works with academics and students in Australia and abroad; Commonwealth and State/Territory departments and agencies; a wide range of industry, business and not-for-profit organisations; fiction and non-fiction authors and Australian and international publishing houses.

workwisewords is a professional member of the Institute for Professional Editors, the Board of Editing in the Life Sciences, the Council of Science Editors, Editors NSW, the Canberra Society of Editors, the Australasian Medical Writers Association, the Australian Society for Technical Communication,  the Australia and New Zealand Society of Indexers, the Plain Language Association International and Clarity International.


Thesis and academic

Professional academic editing for students, researchers and scholarly publishers from a former academic, researcher, and book reviewer for scholarly journals.

With over thirty years’ experience in writing, examining and editing research for publication, I have helped hundreds of researchers from more than 100 universities, research institutes and scholarly publishers worldwide. Contact me to ask about professional support for theses and dissertations (standard, by publication, and exegesis + portfolio), journal articles, monographs and anthologies, conference papers and presentations, research and grant proposals and more.

Government and corporate​

High-quality, cost-effective professional editing and drafting services tailored to the needs of government, business and not-for-profits and NGOs.  

Over more than twenty years working with the government and private sectors, I have managed annual reports, drafted strategic and corporate plans, designed communications strategies, developed agency style guides and taught effective communication. Contact me for professional support – from planning and drafting to copyediting. layout and indexing – for publications that comply with style requirements, Plain English guidelines and accessibility standards.

Authors and publishers

Comprehensive planning and editorial support for academic, nonfiction and fiction authors navigating the writing and publishing process with Australian and international publishers.

workwisewords helps authors – and publishers – to manage every stage of the writing process: from planning and outlining (including adapting research for book form) to drafting and development through to copyediting, proofreading and publication. Contact me for expert assistance with outlining, manuscript assessment, editing and proofreading or support with ghost writing and self-publishing.

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Be sure your editor is accredited or certified – there is no value paying for substandard work from an unqualified editor or a freelancer ‘overseen’ by a qualified editor. workwisewords provides upfront quotes at among the most competitive rates in Australia .

Clear upfront costs based on word count

All work performed by an accredited and certified editor

Discount and deferred payment options for eligible clients


With industry accreditation, professional membership of editing bodies and extensive experience in the public and private sectors as well as academia, workwisewords provides comprehensive support for clients across all project types and subject areas.  

Professional editorial support guaranteed to meet national industry standards
Over 30 years’ experience in writing, editing and communications
Academic editing from a former academic, postgraduate researcher and scholarly book reviewer


In choosing an accredited editor, clients can be confident that their editor has a proven record in professional editing practice and has formal recognition of their competence in applying the professional standards established in the Australian Standards for Editing Practice.

Personalised expert editing from a qualified and accredited editor
Confidentiality and security, with secure offline storage and options for password-protected file sharing
Professional member of IPED bound by Code of Ethics and industry standards